Joseph Pace

”I’ve never called myself a painter or a sculptor. I learned everything I know about art from Italian Renaissance, Arab Culture, and Marcel Duchamps who taught me that anything could be a work of art.” – Joseph Pace (Filtranisme)

Joseph Pace’s work gives an artistic and intellectual pathway with which the artist reinterprets many of our psychic realities. (Boncompagni Decorative Arts Museum, Rome National Gallery of Modern Art)

His works are made with thousands of pieces of costume jewelry, mostly vintage, which the artist recovers from the residues of industrial production in every part of the world, thus creating a sort of research in the “industrial archeology” field applied to the decoration of the body of our times. (Boncompagni Decorative Arts Museum of the National Gallery of Modern Art of Rome)

An exhibition with his work is on view at the Copertino Castle, Libri d’Artista. L’Arte da Leggere, Polo Museale della Puglia, MiBAC – Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Copertino, Lecce, Italy (26 Nov. 2019 – 23 Feb. 2020).