7 April 2021

La Presse, Tunis

Des sculptures en bijoux de l’artiste italien Joseph Pace prévue au moi de juin à la Salle Sousse di Musée National du Bardo à Tunis


23 March 2021

Musée National du Bardo

Italian Ambassador to Tunisia interviewd by Hassen Hameli, Radio Mosaique Fm, announces exhibition

6 January 2021

Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Tunisi

Pace’s latest sculptures to be presented by Italian Institute of Culture in the artist’s first museum exhibition in Tunisia at the National Museum of Bardo

1th October 2020

Major Joseph Pace virtual exhibition in Covid-19 time

A selection of Pace’s sculptures to be displayed at CRCSP, São Paolo space

6 August 2020

Roma Jewels Sculptures by Joseph Pace

An exciting and sensual art experience, an ideal fusion of sweetness and passion, of beauty and charm

18 September 2020

Joseph Pace interviewed by José Luiss

The edges of Pace’s antopomorphic and zoomorphic jewelry sculptures in São Paolo


7 April 2020


Artworks Italia-Brasil


Pace’s works to be on display at Papal Basilica of San Paolo Fuori le Mura

18 November 2019

Libri d’artista. L’arte da Leggere | Artist’s books. Art to read

Joseph Pace uses particular resources to create artworks that defies categorization

12 June 2019

Old Roman Bridge Sculptures (Videos)

In collaboration with the Joseph Pace Archive in Rome

1th March 2019

National Historical Library of Agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculturtal Policies

Pace’s latest series of work, the ‘Sacra Sacrorum’ sculptures, are exhibited in Rome solo-exhibition.

13 November 2018

Joseph Pace, Sacra Sacrorum, The Sacred of the Sacred Things

Pace’s jewel sculptures to be displayed at Pantheon in Rome

12 February 2017

Mundial Brasileiro, FIFA Football World Cup Brasil 2014

The film was shotted in 2017 at the Museu Afro Brasil in São Paolo. Essay by Emanoel Araujo

22 October 2015

Florence Biennale

The exhibition unfolds exhibiting artists from 62 countries and five continents

12 January 2015

Pace’s experimentations on the New Art opportunities

From Engravings processed with a Computer to the Technique of Jewel Sculptures at the Venanzo Crocetti Foundation Museum 

13 November 2014

Joseph Pace’s, L’Eva Futura
L’Eva Futura (Future Eve) goes on display at at the Boncompagni Ludovisi Decorative Arts Museum of the National gallery of Modern Art of Rome
Joseph Pace

20 September 2014

Galleria Benucci, Roma

Christo, Schifano, Guarienti, Botero, Chia, Paladino, Schnabel, Mitoraj, Dicò, Joseph Pace to be on display at the Galleria Benucci in Rome

15 March 2012

Joseph Pace interviewed by Rogerio Bucci 

The artist retraces his long road from his childhood spent in Africa

1 June 2012

Diocesan Museum of Amalfi

With the patronage of the Municipality of Amalfi

11 July 2011

Joseph Pace explains Filtranisme Movement

Dedicated to the founder and the central figure of filtranisme movement

23 July 2011

Award of Distinction

12 June 2010

Museu de Arte do Parlamento de São Paulo

Pace’s works are new forms that change like the emotions in our life