_EXHIBITION _Muséé National du Bardo de Tunis _National Museum of Bardo of Tunis
Joseph Pace _Gold: la révélation de la forme
_June 25, 2020 – October 5, 2020

Locations: National Museum of Bardo, Tunis
Joseph Pace _Gold, la révelation de la forme
June 25, 2020 – October 4, 2020

The exhibition is a real itinerary in the most important and ancient museum of the Arab World and Africa, the National Museum of Bardo in Tunis, a true pedagogy of art, whose ideal roots are Italian, Tunisian and Arab.

The coherence and originality of Joseph Pace‘s artistic journey were well underlined in 2014 by Mariastella Margozzi of the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome and director of the Boncompagni Museum of Decorative Arts and Fashion of the National Gallery of ‘Modern Art of Rome, during the exhibition “Joseph Pace: L’Eva futura”: … “Pace is one of the greatest representatives of filteranism, the neo-existentialist artistic and philosophical current that he founded in Paris in the mid-80s. “ … “His works, with their refined and aesthetic language, are made up of thousands of pieces of jewelry, mostly vintage, which the artist recovers from residues from industrial production all over the world, thus carrying out a kind of research in the field of “industrial archeology” applied to the decoration of the body of our time. ” … “His work is part of an artistic and intellectual journey through which the artist reinterprets our deepest psychic realities.” … “Inspired by different sources such as fashion, history and the decorative arts, the artist uses different techniques influenced by the iconography of mass society, by philosophy and psychoanalysis.”

Unfortunately, as the current situation will have it, COVID-19 has become everyone’s major concern, including ours. As all of us navigate the unknown and try to minimise the danger this virus could pose to the vulnerable among us, JPA Archive team and Joseph Pace, come back to you as soon is possible with fresh energy. At the moment everyone’s health and safety has the utmost priority. We want to encourage above all you, to stay home and take this opportunity to focus on your loved ones, friends & people in need. Thanks again for your support! Stay safe and wash your hands!
Joseph Pace, GOLD Solo Exhibition was therefore postponed until a later date due to Coronavirus.