Authenticating Works

Joseph Pace Archive – JPA – takes care to authenticating, archiving, conservation and restoration all the Joseph Pace artwork. The only authorized and recognized procedure of authentication, archiving, conservation and restoration of the Maestro’s artworks, is accomplished by JPArchive. 

For further information about the authenticating, conservation or restoration procedure of the Joseph Pace artworks, please contact:

Whoever is interested in requiring to Joseph Pace Archive the archiving of an artwork made by the artist Joseph Pace, is required to send the following material to the JPArchive Scientific Committee.


a)  fill the fields form Archiving Request  

b)  fill the fields form Technical sheet of the work 

The archiving request and the technical sheet of the work have to be archived, which must accompany the archiving request. The individual fields of the card – especially the technical ones (title, year of execution, measurements, dates, presence of signature, punches, etc.) – must be completed by the applicant carefully. Due to the high number of items requested, some fields – “Exhibitions”, “Bibliography”, “Other possible news or indications” – are not mandatory, however please note that the more details and data we have on the “history” of the work from as soon as it left the artist’s studio, the deeper our knowledge of Pace’s activity and the merit of the work itself (for example, the “Bibliography” entry may be completed by the Archive itself, but if the collector is aware of some publications in the catalog of his work, she/he is kindly invited to report it).

c)    The owner will need to enclose with the request and the card 3 photographs (for each frame of the work), possibly taken by a professional photographer, in order to be automatically selected for potential publication. In addition to photos in paper format (photographic prints of 18 × 24 cm), a high-definition file must be included for each shot (better if in .tiff format, on a CD, DVD or USB key) that allows the publication in digital format – where present – it requires a shot of the back of the work and a shot of the specific signature, punches and / or foundry stamp.

d)    For filing and returning to the collector the certificate proving the inclusion of the work in Joseph Pace Archive – or the refusal to archive – we require a contribution of Euro 300.00 for sculptures, Euro 200.00 for jewels and 150.00 euros for works on canvas and paper (for anything else not included in these aforementioned categories, the amount for storage is € 150.00), to be paid by means of bank transfer to the IBAN which will be communicated at the time of the request. Filing requests that are not accompanied by the bank transfer receipt will not be processed.

e)    The Archive will issue only one copy of the storage certificate. In order to avoid possible frauds, duplicates will not be issued, while – in case of loss of the certificate of the collector – the “master cards” can always be consulted at the Archive.


In order to streamline the archives and gather all news regarding the activity of the artist in a single place, we kindly ask those already in possession of an authentication issued directly by Joseph Pace, to send it to the Archive, which will care to provide a new certificate of archiving, which will be authentic from now on.

Together with the “old” authentication, the owner must comply with points a) b) and c) above. For this work of definitive renewal, the Archive requests a contribution of Euro 100,00, to be paid as indicated in point d).

All the documents transmitted and the amount of money supplied are definitly acquired by Joseph Pace Archive, except for the original documents issued by third party, such as invoices, certifications or reports in original version, that will be returned to the applicant when the archiving certification will be delivered or denied.