The new book by Albert Russo, 134 pages with interviews, critical essays and photos, ed. Amazon in 2021.

Joseph Pace and I met in Rome through a mutual friend, the extraordinary Laura Maggi.  This was a most serendipitous encounter, since we both grew up in Congo and would share many memories.  Then too, we discovered that we had much more in common, our art, our writings and our Weltanschauung. A true Renaissance man, Joseph Pace is a painter, a sculptor, a philosopher, a peace activist, through his art, mainly. –Albert Russo, July 2021, Tel Aviv, Israel.

This fascinating new Russo’s book looks in detail at Pace’s influences, life and works. The first part begins examines his style; it covers Pace’s techniques and training; his time spent at the Sorbonne University founding the Filtranisme Movement. The volume then investigates Pace’s move away from Figurative, the changes to his personal life and the way in which these informed his work. It also documents his eventual success in the art world. The second part of the book is a gallery of Pace’s work in 120 pictures of the artist and his work.